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First starting page

Welcome to

This Website is a platform to diskuss and deploy stuff related to user context.

We will also discuss and build up a UserContextOntology here: a top-level RDF Schema for modeling and processing user context. Besides mere user context *data* the UserContextOntology will also provide operators and comparators for that data. Hence, two parties can share their user context data and will be able to understand and process the user context information at least on the upper level we define here.

So, what you can find here soon is this:

  • Wiki: for (a) diskussion and (b) documentation
  • Ontology/Ontologies: Data schema(s) - most probably in RDFS
  • Sources: Interfaces containing operators, comparators, similarity measures, etc. working on the data - at the beginning this will be in Java only

The website is still under construction, and, while evolving it will be only available for a closed group: the participants of the "Modeling and Retrieval of Context" workshops plus some more selected persons. As soon as there is some meaningful material here we will open up the gates for the whole world.

AboutTrac links to the original start wiki page of this TRAC framework.