First steps

This mini tutorial describes a good way to start (what to install, what to configure).

Install user observation

Homepage of the user observation plugins for Mozilla Firefox + Thunderbird:

Please install the Firefox Plugin first. You can install the one for Thunderbird later on.

For Thunderbird you have to save the XPI, install it in Thunderbird, and very important:
Customize Thunderbird's toolbar: right-clicking on Thunderbirds toolbar, choose "Customize", and drag&drop the "EPOS"-icon onto the Thunderbird toolbar.

Download User Observation Hub

Homepage where the User Observation Hub is hosted:

Just start the User Observation Hub by starting the class as Java application.

Check Mozilla user observation configuration

After you succeeded to install the Firefox XPI and start the class above, you must configure the user observation plugin (in Firefox and Thunderbird) by clicking the new icon (blue "EPOS") at the very right of the toolbar:

Do NOT use the "options" button in the extensions/add-ons dialog, but instead:
Click at the rightmost icon (blue "EPOS") on the toolbar and enter the following data for Port and Service into the following dialog popping up:

The information to enter is also printed out in the shell of the Java application when starting the user observation hub:

After this you should already see some RDF chunks of NOPs (Native Operations), e.g. when you browse some web pages with Firefox:

Don't worry about the exceptions coming up. These come up due to the fact, that the UOH currently expects some listeners used by us in the Mymory project. Most probably, these listeners are not available on your machine (yet).

Therefore, later on you could create a new starter class or modify the class to match the user observation listeners you have on your PC. So, instead of this remote listener:

  RemoteUserObsListener remoteListener2 = new RemoteUserObsListener(
          "localhost", 9998, "MyUserObservationHub_Listener" );
  userobshub.addUserObservationListener( remoteListener2 );

you can add your own listener that listens to the NOPs sent by the UOH. So, if you have an XML-RPC listener running on the same machine on port 12345 with handler "userobs", then you should add these lines:

  RemoteUserObsListener mylistener = new RemoteUserObsListener(
          "localhost", 12345, "userobs" );
  userobshub.addUserObservationListener( mylistener );

If you still have problems with installation or configuration, feel free to send an email to…

Have fun!

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