Native Operations (NOP) Ontology

A RDF Schema to model the native operations a user does when using a device. The ontology models generic information objects (file, website, mail) and operations on them (open, close, save something).

RDF Schema:

Design Rationale

The vocabulary is intended to be used by plugins or applications observing the user behavior to eliciate work context or other interesting facts. It is not about observing applications in all their details nor is it about the not-so-interesting fine-grained levels such as mouse movements.

The ontology describes operations and data objects on which those operations work. We decided to limit the expressitivity on the side of data objects because the NIE Nepomuk Information Element Ontology models those in far more detail.


  • Sven Schwarz
  • Leo Sauermann
  • Julien Gaugaz
  • Christian Herlambang
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