Related Communities

This page discusses communities related to our contextual issues and goals.

There are several important communities around context:

  • Context
  • Pervasive Computing - Ubiquitous Computing: they are the same whatever other people say
  • Mobile Computing (?) - I may have just invented that(Sven) ;) - I think so (Phil)
  • User Modeling

Boundaries and connections between the communities

There's always the problem of distinguishing User Modeling (UM) from Context. Has anybody GOOD arguments against UM guys doing context research?

I don't, I think they go together quite nicely! The context information is needed in order to know what the user's behaviour and hence a suitable model is. Arguably the line is a bit blurry from time to time. But in general I agree with Sven. (Phil)

In my (Sven) opinion, UM captures

  • the user's preferences
  • the user's attributes (size, eye color)
  • the user's experience/knowledge (what he knows, what he doesn't)
  • the user's (long-term) plans/goals
  • the user's *typical* actions / ways to solve a problem / ...
  • the user's mental models

Whereas, again in my opinion, Context captures

  • the user's *current* situation
  • the user's *current* problem
  • the user's *current* actions
  • the user's *current* attention/feelings/emotions

This is still a weak difference.

  • why are these weak differences? I think it is a very clear line.

but I think one great differnce is

  • The user's CONTEXT will changes *greatly* after some time, which is not to be supposed to happen to his USER MODEL.

-- I would add that the UM should be able to track or maybe anticipate the changes. OR the change in context should trigger different part of the UM. (Phil)

  • The user's CONTEXT will have no real use without an application reacting sensitively to the context.
  • Depending on the context-sensitive application, the user's CONTEXT may be represented in a different way.

-- Agree.

Looking at the line of argument and your last comment, I think the argument should not be between context and UMs, but between context-aware systems and UMs. From what I understand by UM it covers context-aware sytems, i.e. systems adapting to context, context prediction, plus many more.

??? Feedback ??? - waiting for your response :-)

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