The WindowsLoggerListener is a module inside the UserObservationHub (UOH) that reads in, processes, distributes the output of the "User Activity Logger" (application window events like "ActivateWindow").

Install the User Activity Logger (click this link and download the Logging_Framework_0_2_0). After the installation (Windows XP/Vista, requiring reboot!) this activity logging tool creates a log file based on user's handling of application windows.

The Activity Logger produces a text logfile as output. The WindowsLoggerListener reads in this textfile line by line (each line holds data for one specific window focus action) and creates corresponding NOPs - which are then distributed them to all user observation listeners.

The Activity Logger always appends to the text logfile. Therefore, the WindowsLoggerListener remembers the last line read in and continues with the following line. This information is kept in another small text file just holding the last line number as string.

Property file

The WindowsLoggerListener expects to find a property file at this location:

    etc/    (relative to the UserObservationHub project folder)

If this file does not yet exist, please create one, e.g. via Create new -> Textfile.

Sven's property file contains the following lines:

lastLogLineReadFile=C:\\Dokumente und Einstellungen\\schwarz\\Lokale Einstellungen\\Anwendungsdaten\\User Activity Logger\\lastLogLineRead.txt
windows_log_file=C:\\Dokumente und Einstellungen\\schwarz\\Lokale Einstellungen\\Anwendungsdaten\\User Activity Logger\\t_log.txt

You can leave out the first line, but it's a good idea to override the default value here, because then you know where to check for the correct file or the correct line number in that file. The second line must specify the location of the installed "User Activity Logger" tool.

Please check where the User Activity Logger stores the t_log.txt file. On a non-german windows machine or even when using Vista (Sven uses XP) this path can be different!

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